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A Bit About Me

I am a theatre maker from London with a particular interest in new writing, queer stories and finding unfamiliar perspectives in history. Stylistically I am drawn to impossible stage directions and staging the unstageable using puppetry, music and inventive physical theatre.


My drive to create theatre comes from a desire to create moments of connection to help alleviate loneliness. I want to engage audiences in an act of collective story telling, asking them to join us in imagining new worlds, perspectives and possibilities., and in doing so create emotional intimacy between audience members and performers.


I am the artistic director of fledgling theatre company Ricochet Theatre. As a director I am interested in working on projects surrounding adaptation and gig theatre. My directing style is forensic but playful and inquisitive but assured. 


As an actor I am most drawn to new writing and devising processes within the theatre industry but am keen to gain experience with screen acting. In a rehearsal room I strive to be bold, playful and brave with my choices and responses, embracing the embarrassing and inviting the unknown. I am currently seeking representation for my acting and you can see my headshots and reel in the Acting Gallery section of this website.

Aside from my theatrical artistic pursuits, I am a big dog person and can often be found walking my two Labradors. I also am a history nerd and love reading every history book I can get my hands on. 

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