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In 304 AD Agnes of Rome was executed at the age of 12 after rejecting the advances of grown men. We follow Agnes after her ascension to sainthood as she reckons with her powers, identity and distorted legacy. The audience joins Agnes on a revenge mission through time to track down her murderers.

Combining shadow puppetry, music, and a healthy dose of time travel, Agnes is a new show by ‘THE company to watch’ Ricochet Theatre with their signature humour and poignancy.

Earlier this year Agnes was shortlisted for the Charlie Hartill Award, and Ricochet can’t wait to come back to Bedfringe with this work-in-progress performance, where they were awarded ‘Pick of the Fringe’ in 2021.

Agnes is a historical piece, but her story raises vital and timeless questions surrounding the way history is moulded and the desire to control our legacies; Do we have that power? If we don’t, who does?

The photos featured were taken by Maiya Sabapathy-Andrews during an R&D week long residency at Applecart Arts in East London.



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Research and Development


Ricochet Theatre


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