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I can provide multiple facilitation services, with experience working with people from a range of  backgrounds and experience levels. Below are some examples of workshops I have led but I am happy to adapt to your specific needs. Please contact me to inquire about workshops I can offer you. 

Arthur, The Right Tuition Company

"An array of plaudits and happy children appear to have been emerging from the theatre at The Skinners' School earlier this afternoon!"
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Puppetry Workshops

I can offer workshops for introduction to puppetry, object manipulation and shadow puppetry. I have facilitated puppetry workshops in a range of settings, from primary schools to acting conservatoires, catering to the performance levels of the group. I can provide all materials needed and offer resources to help facilitate further learning after the session.

Directing Workshops

I can offer introduction to directing, finding your vision and pitching workshops to early career directors and students. I have recently held directing workshops for students at the University of York and East 15 Acting School Foundation students.

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Saxophone Tutoring

I am a saxophone tutor at WAC Arts. These sessions are open to the public and you can join for the term and find out more about this wonderful charity here. Alternatively, if you would like to hire private saxophone tuition, please contact me here. I have spare instruments for you to practice on and can offer one-on-one teaching for any level whether you are completely new to the saxophone or picking it back up after a break.

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